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Video of the Week – “If You Think You Need Some Lovin” by Pomplamoose

Have you ever been in love with a couple; where you totally had a crush on the girl, but you wanted just as bad to be the guy? I think that’s how I feel about Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn of Pomplamoose. I tend to make sweeping generalizations regarding how certain experiences rank in my life, but this time, I can confidently say I have never enjoyed watching someone make music as much as I do watching these guys. I honestly don’t think I have the vocabulary to express how it moves me, so I’ll just post their latest VideoSong, and let you decide how it makes you feel.

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Video of the Week – Dancing Asian Man

This week’s video features a very energetic Asian man dancing. The original title of this video, as it is posted on YouTube, is “Sexy Fail – Fat Dancing Guy: WARNING: Very Disturbing”. But I don’t like that title. I’m pretty sure he’s not trying to be sexy, so FAIL on the usage of “fail”.

The other thing that bothers me is the perception that this guy is fat. He clearly doesn’t have 8% body fat, but he’s far from being blubber. In fact, he looks pretty solid and healthy to me. The kind of guy I’d like to rub sesame oil all over and… oh.. nevermind.

The point is, here’s a guy who is enjoying himself and  just being silly and for some reason he gets undeservedly branded as fat and unattractive. Mr. Dancing Asian Man, I support you, and I appreciate you for who you are.

So without further ado, I give you Happy Dancing Energetic Asian Man:

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Video of the Week – 2 Minute Meals With “Rachael Ray”

If you can’t get enough of Rachael Ray’s goofy faces, pointless anecdotes, and irritating olive oil abbreviations, then you’re gonna love this special condensed episode of 30 Minute Meals. “Rachael” shows you how to put a unique spin on a tasty classic to make a savory snack that’s sure to be a hit with the kids!


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Video of the Week – “Prisencolinensinainciusol” by Adriano Celetano


I’m sure I’m a few years late to the party, but I just stumbled upon this video of Italian entertainer, Adriano Celetano performing a song called “Prisencolinensinainciusol”. The words are complete gibberish and mean nothing, but are meant to sound like what English sounds like to non-English speakers.

The song itself is quite the head bopper and toe tapper. Enjoy!

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Video of the Week – George Carlin “Jammin’ in New York”

Sorry I missed a week posting the “Video of the Week,” but since no one really reads my blog, I’m not too broken up about it. This week I’m showcasing the late, great George Carlin in one of his best comedy performances of all time, “Jammin’ in New York.”

This HBO special aired in 1992, the year I graduated from High School, and believe me when I say, my freshman year of college, I watched this nearly 100 times. George knocks it out of the park with classic routines about the War in the Gulf, Universal Similarities, The Airlines, and The Environment. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Well looks like they took this video down. Sad face.

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Video of the Week – “Gulf” by Jack Conte

Here’s another little ditty from our good friend Jack Conte (the masculine half of Pomplamoose). I dare anyone to find a better performance in green plaid pajamas. Rock on Mr. Conte!

By the way, if you’re looking for a unique gift for someone who likes new music, you can download all of Jack Conte’s music at You can also pick up all of Pomplamoose’s songs on itunes or at at There’s lots of free covers to download as well. Enjoy!

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Video of the Week – Billy Connolly 1990 HBO Special

I truly want to thank Al Gore for inventing the Internet, because where else would I ever find this classic HBO Comedy Special starring Billy Connolly? It dates back to 1990 and it’s filled with enough swearing and fart jokes to last a lifetime.

I watched this for the first time with my Dad when I was 16, and it’s just as good now as it was then. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. If you don’t think the comedy is funny, you can at least laugh at the hairdos.

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World of Warcraft

If you could spend the next 2 years of your life doing one thing for 4.5 hours per day, every single day, what would it be?

Surely you could get a firm grasp on a new language, or learn to play a musical instrument, or get an associates degree, or transform your body into peak physical condition, or spend time with loved ones, or start a business, or master a computer programming language, or any of an infinite list of potentially life enhancing activities.

Of all the things I could have done for the past two years, I chose to play World of Warcraft.

I used to make fun of my sister all the time because she spent so much time playing WoW. I could talk to her on the phone and tell that she wasn’t really paying attention; that she was off in some distant world slaying dragons or leveling up her alchemy skills. I’d tell her, “Sounds like you’re running low on mana. Perhaps you need to cast a Level 3 End Conversation Spell.”

I never saw the game as something negative, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I preferred more “real life” video games such as baseball, basketball, or some first person war simulation shoot em’ up; something I could play for an hour or so then move on with my life.

That all changed when a friend of mine became ill. During a lengthy treatment and recovery process, she was unable to participate in many everyday activities, and was eager to find something to fill those hours of idle time. A friend of hers suggested World of Warcraft; insisting it was just what she was looking for.

Both my friend and I found the suggestion pretty funny, because neither of us could envision the other playing a fantasy game, let alone enjoying it. Nevertheless, she signed up for the 10 day trial, and I did the same. She and I used to chat on Yahoo! Messenger every day, so I pretty much had to play too if I expected to talk to her again. 😛

After the first day, neither of us saw the appeal, and we were both confident our WoW career would end when the trial period expired. After the second day, we were a bit more comfortable with the interface and decided that the game was pretty intuitive and easy to play, but we were still clueless about what we were supposed to do. After the 5th day, we started to appreciate the level of detail and artwork that went into creating such a large virtual world, and we agreed that we could see why so many people liked the game, but there was no way we were going to spend $15 per month to play. After the 10th day, we sheepishly signed up for subscriptions and jumped in with both feet.

I have to say, the folks at Blizzard really understand people and their behaviors. So much effort was put into creating a game that is simple to play yet challenging to master, as well as a reward system that keeps people coming back for more, no matter what their skill level. Adding to the already well-thought-out user interface is an endless selection of third party addons designed to enhance the game-play. When you throw in the social aspect of making friends, creating guilds, and group questing and raiding, World of Warcraft is a potent recipe for a truly addictive gaming experience.

For over two years, I played. I leveled up two characters to the maximum level, achieved virtually all the in-game goals I wanted to achieve, and I even made a few new friends along the way. However, this past Thursday, my subscription expired and I did not renew it. I had decided a few months ago that I would quit the game, and I’m still not 100% sure why. Maybe I don’t like feeling that the game has control over me, or maybe I just want to see what I can do with those extra 4.5 hours per day? Whatever it is, there’s something inside that is telling me it’s time to close this chapter of my life.

It’s been a fun ride, but now it’s time to mount up on my Winterspring Frostsaber and head out into the sunset.

I leave you with one of the funniest World of Warcraft movies ever, “I’m on a Mount”. Enjoy!