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Top 10 Things to Make a “Top 10 Things List” About to Get People to Visit Your Website

The best, worst, funniest, craziest, money saving, most helpful, meanest, ugliest, greatest, cheapest, most expensive, sure-fire, can’t miss, income generating, most influential, underrated, overpaid, top performing, secret, top 10 list to rule all top 10 lists, that top 10 list writers don’t want you to know about.

10. Top 10 things people like

  • Hottest luxury cars
  • Best actors
  • Ways to save money on…

9. Top 10 things people don’t like

  • Worst movies of all time
  • Meanest world leaders
  • Ugliest red carpet outfit

8. Top 10 things people will think is funny

  • Funniest Internet memes
  • Goofiest George W. Bush quotes
  • Most painful videos of people getting punched in the nuts

7. Top 10 things that will cause controversy

  • Most unbiased news sources
  • Reasons why we need universal health care
  • Reasons why abortion is wrong

6. Top 10 things that will make people feel nostalgic

  • Most awesome toys of all time
  • Greatest boy bands
  • Craziest fashions

5. Top 10 things only a 13 year old girl should care about

  • Funniest Miley Cyrus “Hanna Montana” bloopers
  • Favorite Twilight moments
  • Best Jonas Brothers song of all time

4. Top 10 things people should buy because you’ll make commission on your affiliate marketing business

3. Top 10 nerdy computer things

  • Best free web development applications
  • Must have Firefox add-ons
  • Coolest Adobe Flash tutorials

2. Top 10 “secret” things any moron would already know, but would make them think you have something new to offer on the subject

  • Resume secrets that will land you your dream job
  • Sure-fire Internet marketing strategies
  • Secrets to a successful relationship

1. Top 10 things to make a “top ten thing list” about to get people to visit your website

  • Please see numbers 10 through 1 above

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  1. Hahahaha a top 10 list about top 10 lists? Genius. I have moved on from top 10’s to top 5’s. Not only are they easier to create, but a top 10 list requires too much attention in this ADHD world. Great list.

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