30 Day Challenge: Meditation

October 30, 2010, Posted by Eric Schneider at 12:04 am

Tomorrow is the final day of my No Hat 30 Day Challenge. I would love to say that I achieved some sense of freedom that had been previously shielded by my hat. Unfortunately, that is far from the case. After 29 days without my brimmed yarmulke, I’m ready to glue it back on permanently. I just didn’t feel like myself the entire time. I guess the only positive thing I can take away from the experience is just the satisfaction of following through on a commitment.

For my next 30 day challenge, I will be meditating for 10 minutes every day. Why? I don’t know. I guess I’m just curious what 10 minutes of mind clearing can do for a person. I don’t intend to explore the spiritual aspect of meditation, but if I happen to be transported to another level of consciousness, I will let you know.


UPDATE: I failed miserably at this challenge. I discovered that meditation is for people who have so much going on in their lives, they need the silence and serenity to keep themselves balanced. I live by myself, and my life is filled with silence and nothingness; so technically, I’m meditating all the time. Scheduling time to do more nothing proved to be a bit too redundant for my liking. On to the next challenge.

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  1. avatar Mommy says:

    Good luck with this.

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