Drawing Lessons #1

October 31, 2010, Posted by Eric Schneider at 1:50 pm

Like everyone in my family, I have fairly decent artistic talents, but I don’t exercise my creative muscle as often as I’d like. As far as drawing skills goes, I feel as though I reached my peak back in elementary school, and haven’t progressed much since.

Last year, I received a book called The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain for Christmas, and for the past 11 months, it’s been sitting on my shelf collecting dust. While it is a very effective dust collector, its intended use is to teach drawing; or as the cover says, “A course in enhancing creativity and artistic confidence”

So… guess what? I started reading the book, and have completed Lesson #1!

Lesson 1, Pre-instruction Drawings:
Make a record of your current drawing skills. Draw the following images:

  • Self portrait
  • A person, drawn from memory
  • Your hand
Self Portrait
Self Portrait20-Nov-2010 20:55
Memory Drawing: Mom
Memory Drawing: Mom
Contour Drawing: Hand
Contour Drawing: Hand

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  1. avatar Mommy says:

    Lol! You still draw yourself with big ears!
    Me: Not bad from memory.
    Hand: Good work. It’s really hard to draw a hand.

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