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Look, Ma… No Ads! is now 99.9% ad free. Thanks to the 3 people who clicked on my AdSense over the past 10 months. That $0.53 will definitely be put to good use.

To supplement the loss of revenue, I will be launching HahahaComedy Plus™ in the Fall of 2010. This premium version of HahahaComedy will offer readers:

  • Unlimited page views
  • Vertical and horizontal scrolling
  • The ability to copy and paste text and images
  • 24hr response to all blog comments
  • VIP access to my Amazon Wish List
  • A FREE copy of my poorly selling e-book: “Top Ten Secrets to Being Mediocre”

The introductory price for HahahaComedy Plus™ membership will be $10 per month. The first 1,000 or more readers to sign up will get the non-exclusive opportunity to meet me in person and buy me lunch. No kissing on the mouth.

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