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I I I, Me Me Me

I found out yesterday that my friend’s sister had a massive asthma attack, passed out, then fell and hit her head and died from the head injury. She was 23.

Although we weren’t very close, the news of her death is heartbreaking. It reminds me how swift and unforgiving death can be, and it makes me think about my own loved ones and what it would be like to lose one of them. You never know if the last thing you said to someone will be the last thing you’ll ever say. I’m happy to say, as of this moment, the last thing I said to the people I love is “I love you”.

So, at work today, I told my boss what happened, and when I was done, she said, “Wow! The same thing happened to Tom!”

Tom is her boyfriend, and Tom is still alive so I was confused.”It did?” I asked.

She said,”Yes! He was playing with the girls in the back yard, and fell backwards and hit his head. He was in the hospital for a few days. They thought he wouldn’t be able to go to work again. He still finds it very hard to stay focused AND he completely lost his sense of smell.”

Wait! What? He lost his sense of smell and he has trouble concentrating?!?! How the fuck is that the same thing as hitting your head and dropping dead at 23?!?! I mean… fuck! How self absorbed can a person be to even compare the two?

She actually went on to say “…and it’s really sad sometimes because we’ll be walking through the mall and Tom will say to me ‘You know I really miss the smell of Cinnabons'”

Yes… that is sad.

So everyone take a few minutes today and sniff your loved ones, because you never know when fate might rear it’s ugly head and rob you of your sense of smell.

What the hell is wrong with people?!?!

***you’ll be missed, Bean… deepest sympathies, love, and strength goes out to the Catanzaro Family… I’m sorry***