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Video of the Week – “If You Think You Need Some Lovin” by Pomplamoose

Have you ever been in love with a couple; where you totally had a crush on the girl, but you wanted just as bad to be the guy? I think that’s how I feel about Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn of Pomplamoose. I tend to make sweeping generalizations regarding how certain experiences rank in my life, but this time, I can confidently say I have never enjoyed watching someone make music as much as I do watching these guys. I honestly don’t think I have the vocabulary to express how it moves me, so I’ll just post their latest VideoSong, and let you decide how it makes you feel.

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Video of the Week – “Prisencolinensinainciusol” by Adriano Celetano


I’m sure I’m a few years late to the party, but I just stumbled upon this video of Italian entertainer, Adriano Celetano performing a song called “Prisencolinensinainciusol”. The words are complete gibberish and mean nothing, but are meant to sound like what English sounds like to non-English speakers.

The song itself is quite the head bopper and toe tapper. Enjoy!

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Video of the Week – “Gulf” by Jack Conte

Here’s another little ditty from our good friend Jack Conte (the masculine half of Pomplamoose). I dare anyone to find a better performance in green plaid pajamas. Rock on Mr. Conte!

By the way, if you’re looking for a unique gift for someone who likes new music, you can download all of Jack Conte’s music at You can also pick up all of Pomplamoose’s songs on itunes or at at There’s lots of free covers to download as well. Enjoy!

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On the Radio!!!

Have I got a treat for you!!!

Earlier this year, I got a pretty exciting e-mail from a fan of the Opie & Anthony Show on XM Satellite Radio. It seems that one of the stars of that show, Comedian Jim Norton, found the live version of my “Ode to Superman” song online, and played it on the air!

So far it’s been a big hit, and I have since received an invitation from the Christopher Reeve Foundation to be the keynote speaker at their next event. Okay, that never happened, but the part about the song being played on satellite radio is true. They emailed me and asked me to make a clearer “studio” version of the song, and they played that one too (personally I like the live one better.)

Anyway thanks a bunch, Jim, Opie and Anthony for playing it, and thanks to James from Cleveland for letting me know about it.

So for your listening pleasure, here are my odes to fallen heroes:

Ode to Superman: [haiku url=”″]

Ode to the #3:[haiku url=”″]

If you’re offended by making fun of dead people, handicapped people, NASCAR legends, or any combination of the above, then go ahead and listen extra close to the lyrics. I think it’s funny when people get offended. And if you’re not offended by the lyrics, feel free to be offended by my singing. I’m terrible! Enjoy!

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“That Ain’t No Brotha, That’s a White Boy!”

Guess what I did on Thursday?  I crossed off one of the items on my “Things I Want to do Before I Die” list!  No… I didn’t make passionate love to a farm animal.  I saw Neil Diamond in concert!!! And it was everything I thought it would be, and more!

Yes, I know you are all jealous of me.  Hell, I’m jealous of myself!

Mr. Diamond sang for about two and a half hours straight without any breaks, and not once did he try to do a “remake” of any of his songs.  I hate when artists sing their own songs differently in concert. I went to a Sting concert one time, and he sang all his songs using different arrangements, and everyone in the crowd tried to sing along and it sounded like a bunch of first graders trying to sing the national anthem. He even had some dude rap during the break of “Englishman in New York“. It was a travesty.

Anyway, for as old as Neil Diamond is, he was extremely energetic and really worked the stage. Although he really only had one “move” where he extended his arm out, palm up, and waved it across the crowd like he was serving a tray of hors d’ oeuvres.

I will say this, never in my life have I seen so many people unable to clap in unison.  Neil would start a song, tell everyone to clap their hands, and for the first three or four claps, everyone would be ok. Then complete clapping chaos would ensue.  The black dude playing the bongos kept having to stop playing and facilitate clapping seminars where he would exaggeratedly clap his hands over his head to get the audience back on track.  These people had less rhythm than microwave popcorn. It was pretty funny.

Nevertheless, no amount of poor clapping nor embarrassingly horrible dancing in the aisles could ruin the evening. Neil was phenomenal, and I’m so thrilled I got to see him live!

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Name That Tune

Hey Eric! What is this catchy little tune you’re posting on your blog today? I can’t get it out of my head. It makes me want to dance and I feel all happy inside. Please tell me what it is!

Well that’s today’s trivia question!

HINT: Some people will recognize the song right off the bat!

The first person to get it right wins a full-size, naked, walking, talking Eric Schneider action figure.

Good luck!

If you want to cheat, feel free to go here for the answer.

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50 Things I Can’t Stand

  1. Camera phones
  2. Trucker hats
  3. People who say they’re into 80’s music just to be trendy.
  4. Trendy people in general.
  5. James Spader
  6. The series 24
  7. CSI and any spin off of it.
  8. People who always have to “one up” everyone.
  9. People who start out every sentence with, “A buddy of mine…”
  10. The phrases “Yeah butt…” and “I was just…”
  11. PeOplE wHo TyPe LiKe ThIs
  12. People who try to finish your sentence.
  13. People who finish your sentence after you already finished. already finished. (It would sound like that).
  14. Girls who yell “Whoooooooooooo!”
  15. Guys who frost their hair.
  16. Any young white actor or singer who talks like they’re from the streets. How do you go from being in the Mickey Mouse Club to being gangster?
  17. Dora the Explorer
  18. “Hit me up.”
  19. The Boston Red Sox
  20. People who think they’re unique because they wear black and dye their hair black. Hey! Guess what? You look like everyone else who does that.
  21. People who own computers but never learn how to use them and then ask me to fix their computers when they fuck them up.
  22. The same people from the previous item who own nicer computers than I do.
  23. People who force their politics on you every chance they get.
  24. Women who want you to provide emotional support and intellectual stimulation while their douche bag boyfriend provides the sexual stimulation.
  25. Local News
  26. Unfriendly people.
  27. People who cheat on their spouse.
  28. People who only do the minimum.
  29. People who incorrectly recite lines from movies.
  30. People who try to pass off a comedian’s jokes as their own.
  31. Every single entity who contributes to the circulation of spam, junk mail, chain letters, door hangers, email jokes, and any other unsolicited invasion of your privacy.
  32. Credit card companies.
  33. Collection agencies.
  34. Companies who take advantage of young people and the elderly.
  35. Bad breath (Coffee and cigarette combo is the worst.)
  36. Women who get the “man haircut” after they get married and have kids.
  37. Couples who wear the same outfit.
  38. People who label any type of music as “just a bunch of noise”
  39. When my cat sits on my keyboard when I’m trying to type.
  40. People who write viruses and spyware.
  41. Parents who leave it up to TV and video games to raise their children.
  42. Parents who don’t watch their kids around water, or let them ride in the back of trucks, or leave them in hot cars while they run into the store.
  43. People who think sports figures, movie stars, and singers should be role models.
  44. Terrorists.
  45. The playboy bunny logo.
  46. People who talk about carbs.
  47. People who think the world is coming to an end.
  48. People who have to get drunk or high to have fun.
  49. Arizona
  50. The taste of penis!