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Video of the Week – George Carlin “Jammin’ in New York”

Sorry I missed a week posting the “Video of the Week,” but since no one really reads my blog, I’m not too broken up about it. This week I’m showcasing the late, great George Carlin in one of his best comedy performances of all time, “Jammin’ in New York.”

This HBO special aired in 1992, the year I graduated from High School, and believe me when I say, my freshman year of college, I watched this nearly 100 times. George knocks it out of the park with classic routines about the War in the Gulf, Universal Similarities, The Airlines, and The Environment. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Well looks like they took this video down. Sad face.


  1. Otavio

    That ending is just fucking awesome! “Maybe it spreads sexually, making them reluctant of engaging in reproduction.”

    I bet lots of people didn’t understand the AIDS reference… but damn he’s right about the world. It’s just there! It’ll be here long after we’re gone. Fuck climate change, we’re just poking the world with a very short stick, friends. And it doesn’t “care”. The world judges noone. The world, as it does to every living creature, will fuck the human race and everyone else and extinguish us, trees, bees, whales, snails.

    This guy is brilliant, thanks for posting it.

  2. Otavio

    And no need to actually accept that comment, it was just a small sumary of what I thought about during and after watching it.

  3. Eric Schneider

    Nevertheless, I approve both comments. I approve anyone who actually makes a comment related to the post. Unless, of course, you don’t agree with me. Then you get deleted!

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